4 Advance Purifying Substance Filtration System (SET)
4 Advance Purifying Substance Filtration System (SET)

4 Advance Purifying Substance Filtration System (SET)

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Set Include:

4 Advance Purifying Substance Filtration System

  • Remove harmful heavy metal, residual chlorine, THMs (trihalomethanes), VOC (volatile organic chemicals), unpleasant odors and turbidity
  • Eradiate far infrared ray to form small molecular and energy water that promotes metabolism and blood circulation
  • Intensive "Adsorptive" filtration, water softener, improve taste
  • Increase PH to mild alkaline level to neutralize acidic


Ceramic Filter

  • Made of Diatomaceous Earth
  • Comprehensive "Sieving" Filtration
  • Rust, fluid, dregs, sediments, foreign particles and impurities are removed as water passes through pores of 0.1 to 0.5 um


Cormac Filter

  • Made of Thermo-treated (medical) bio-mineral stones
  • Anti-bacterial silver impregnated mineral stones filtration
  • Enriched with healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium
  • Absorb heavy metal, toxins, odors and impurities. Maintain purify of water
  • Aid in the oxygenation of water and in the adjustment of the water to mild alkaline


  • Ceramic filter : For the first use, please soak in clean water for 15 minutes and wipe the surface for 1 minute
  • Purification and filtering main filter (central filter) : For the first use, please rinse in clean water for 10 minutes
  • Maifanite filter: For the first use, please soak in clean water for 15 minutes 

Direction Of Use:

  1. Please check the leak-proof rubber ring is placed levelly o the plastic notch before installation of the "ceramic filter"
  2. Please take out the upper part of the water tank before the cleaning or replacement of the "ceramic filter"; the "ceramic filter" can be taken out by pushing the "central filter" up slowly
    Note: the "ceramic filter" might be broken if the "ceramic filter" is pulling up from the top.
  3. The "ceramic filter" can be cleaned lightly by using a brush (made of nylon) with clean water if it is needed, do not use any cleaning detergent.
  4. If there is leaking from the faucet, please check the silica gel flake in faucet is twisted tightly with the magnetic part of the water machine
  5. To maximize the efficiency of the filtering system, it is recommended that the water level should not less than 50% of the tank or below 2/3 water level
  6. In a normal situation of refilling water (guidelines#5), water in the tank would be purified after 6-8 hours. If the water machine is failed to function normally, please check the equipments are installed correctly, or the installation was not following the instructions
  7. The black carbonized water may be drained when cleaning of the "central filter", it is normal
  8. The filtered water is recommended to be drink within 2-3 days 

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