Ino Lutein Plus

Ino Lutein Plus

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Effectively Improve Eyes Health and Vision Sharpness

Ino Lutein Plus features quadruple lutein and zeaxanthin derived from Marigold Flower Extract to maintain eyes health. Inovital Lutein Plus, an upgraded formulation with better effectiveness, improving eyes health by filters out harmful blue lights and combats free radicals.

Active Ingredients

  • Lutein, zeaxanthin are the carotenoids found in the macula, are collectively known as macular pigment. They act as a strong antioxidant to protect the eyes against oxidative stress by filter out hazardous blue light from digital devices. Effectively reduces the incidence of macular diseases, improves vision, prevents age-related macular degeneration and cataract.
  • Astaxanthin keeps vision strong and protects eyes health. It improves lens accommodative function, protects the optic nerve from damage, improves retinal blood flow and protects the eye against UV damage. A powerful tool against inflammation.
  • Bilberry is one of the richest sources of anthocyanidins which possess strong antioxidant properties, protecting the eyes from free-radical damage. It helps to promote blood circulation in eyes, eliminate eye strain and improve dark circles.
  • Chinese wolfberry, also known as goji berry, has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to improve eye health. It is rich in caroteniods and zeaxanthin, helps to slow macular degeneration and protect optic nerve.
  • Blackcurrant is one of the best antioxidants from Medieval Europe, rich in anthocyanins and vitamin C. Helps to scavenge free radicals in capillaries, repair the lens and reduces eye pain.
  • Vitamin and Mineral add nutrient with eye protection such as Vitamin A, E, B2 and zinc, helps in rhodopsin synthesis, scavenging free radicals, improves vision and maintains a healthy optic nerve system, relieves bloodshot eyes and reduce eye strain..


  • Relieves eye fatigue.
  • Improve eyesight and prevents night blindness.
  • Filters out harmful blue lights。
  • Effectively improves blood circulation of eye.
  • Prevents cataract and macular diseases.

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