EB Facial Mist 100ml

EB Facial Mist 100ml

Brand: Estebel 1833
Product Code: 0340245
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The Facial Mist provides softness and freshness to your skin at any moment of the day. It can be used in the morning to wake up your skin, whenever you feel the need during the day even if  you wear makeup, and in the evening to tighten the pores and relieve discomfort after cleansing. 
• This antioxidant mist contains vitamin C, which protects skin from damage and stimulates the synthesis of collagen, an essential componenet to have a young skin. 
• Enriched with aloe vera, it makes the skin soft and supple for a glowing complexion. 
• It energizes, invigorates, and soothes thanks to the sweet orange extract. 
• The green tea extract tightens and cleanses your skin. 
Instructions for use
Spray on the face in the morning to invigorate, at any moment of the day to refresh your skin even with makeup, and in the evening to soothe. 

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