Product Exchange Policy

Product for exchange must be in good, not used & saleable condition and must be those carrying point-value (PV). Non PV items are not to be exhanged for purpose of refund. Products which are no longer on the Company's official selling list, discontinued items, and / or products that are sold previously on conditions as 'Non-Refundable' and 'Non-Exchangeable' NOT applicable for exchange purposes.
The original copy of invoice of the previous sales must accompany for any request to exchange Products to show proof of purchase.
Applicable period allowed for exchange shall be subject to the followings, and kindly refer to respective country for applicable limit of product value for exchanged.
a) For all 5 Element (Essential oil and Diffuser) and Estebel skincare products must be exchanged within 3 (three) months from the date of purchase / date of invoice / first shipment date.
b) Exchange policy for Estebel skincare products is applicable only for those products of the same range. Example-exchange within EB Men range etc.
5 Element products (Essential oil and Diffuser) are not applicable for exchange for Estebel skincare products and vice versa.
The Exchange Policy is not applicable for Ed. Pinaud (cosmetic and cologne) Products as it is sold on a condition of 'non-exchangeable'.
Those products, which are no longer in official selling list of the Company, discontinued item, or products that are sold previously on condition as non-returnable, non-exchangeable are NOT allowed to be returned for exchanged.